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Welcome. This is my personal journal and it is about fangirling (Johnny's Entertainment, Super Junior, Big Bang, k-pop, etc), married life, my random fangirl dreams, pictures of hot guys, and many other random ramblings. Sorry, I have decided to go friends only. Friends only banner by seetwopm.

I love making new friends, so friend me, but don't friend me for scans. I no longer scan Wink Up. I don't have time to do it anymore. Check out boys_paper for what I have scanned because I do not post them here. My friending policy is pretty open, but I will not friend back anyone under age 18. If biologically I could have been your mother, I will not friend you back. I usually friend back, but I will NOT friend empty journals unless I know you in RL or you comment somewhere letting me know who you are. I also will NOT friend you if your journal is totally f-locked and you don't even have an intro post. I like comments, but I don't expect you to comment everyday. That would be silly!

My beliefs (because I think they should be front and center and not hidden in an old post):
1. I believe in one God. I believe that God created heaven, earth, the whole universe and everything in it.
2. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he was dead and rose again. I believe that he lives now and will come back one day.
3. I believe that God loves all people, not just white people, not just black people, not just the republicans, not just democrats, not just the rich, and not just the straight. He loves ALL people, even those the we deem to be unworthy of love. He is the ultimate EEO policy.
4. I believe that no one is perfect and we have no right to truly judge others. In the words of Tupac, only God can judge me.
5. I believe that hating someone just because of what they are is stupid. I know we all have our prejudices and have probably laughed at a racist joke or two (myself included), but the deep hatred of someone because of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic stauts, sexual preference, height, age, etc is dumb. It's just dumb and it's not Biblical no matter what people say.
6. I believe it's ok to question what you believe sometimes and it's ok for others not to believe what you believe.


Dramas I Want to See and Dramas I have seen

For dramas I have seen, am watching and my to watch list, please see my drama list:

Add me if you use it too!

Hottie of the Week 2012 Master Post

Other_Toda Erika
10 January:  Harry Shum Jr
17 January: Lee Philip
24 January: Sung Ha
31 January: Josh Bowman
7 February: Channing Tatum
14 February: Okura Tadayoshi
21 February: No Hottie
28 February: Gael Garcia Bernal
6 March: Ryan Gosling
13 March: Kim Soo Hyun
Hottie of Q1:Harry Shum Jr

10 April: Jung Gyu Woon
17 April: Park Yoochun (JYJ)
24 April: Chris Hemsworth
2 May: Nam Goong Min
15 May: Jung Suk Won
22 May: Aiba Masaki
29 May: Godfrey Gao
5 June: Hayami Mokomichi
12 June: Nicholas Tse
Hottie of Q2: Nicholas Tse

3 July: Kang Dong Wan
10 July: Goo Yong
17 July: Matt Bomer
24 July: Eric Mun of Shinhwa
7 Aug: Taye Diggs
21 Aug: Seo In Guk
28 Aug: William Levy
18 Sept: Lee Joon
Hottie of Q3: Eric Mun

2 Oct: Chris Evans
9 Oct: Julien Kang
16 Oct: Ananda Everingham
23 Oct: Kim Dongwan
6 Nov: Kim Young Kwang

Hottie of Q4: Julien Kang

Hottie of 2012: Harry Shum Jr

Hottie of the Week Suggestions

Other_Toda Erika
Please note that as of 31 December 2013, Hottie of the Week will be ending. Any suggested before then will be made a HOTW at some point during 2013.

Comment here with your suggestions and I will add them to the list!! Please note that the final selections of who will be hottie of the week are at my discretion. Basically, I have the final say.  All comments are screened. Edit: All candidates suggested in 2013 will be used so resuggest any hottie you really want to have a week.

Suggestion Guidelines:
-Must be male
-Must be famous enough that I can find 6-10 different pictures of him
-Must be born on or before December 31, 1992 (aka turning Western 21 during this calendar year). We are all adults, so no young boys please.

Suggestions so far....Collapse )

Last Updated: August 15, 2013

hottie of the week 2011 master post

2009 Master List
2010 Master List

4 January: Yokoyama Yu
11 January: Michael Copon
18 January: Dennis Oh
25 January: Ok Taecyeon of 2PM
1 February: Fukuyama Masaharu
8 February: No Hottie
15 February: Special
22 February: Hyun Bin
1 March: Tom Rodriguez
8 March: Nichkhun of 2PM
15 March: No Hottie
Q1 Hottie: Yokoyama Yu

5 April: Miura Haruma
12 April: Won Bin
19 April: No Hottie
26 April: Fujiki Naohito
3 May: Hwang Chansung of 2PM
10 May: Jon Avila
17 May: Im Seulong of 2AM
24 May: Lee Jung Jin
31 May: Ando Masunobu
7 June: Alexander Skarsgard
14 June: Tamayama Tetsuji
Q2 Hottie: Miura Haruma

5 July: Cha Seung Won
12 July: No Hottie
19 July: Ryan Kwanten
26 July: Peter Ho
2 August: Kang Ji Hwan
9 August: No hottie
16 August: no hottie
23 August: Ricky Lee Neely
Q3 Hottie: Ryan Kwanten

Hottie of the Year: Miura Haruma

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